OTN develops a variety of newsletters and reports designed to provide its Members with telemedicine news and activity from across the Province.

Going forward, LHIN Reports will be combined with the OTN Update, to be distributed via email as the OTN Newsletter. All data will be located on this page. To see exact numbers, please hover over charts / click on the chart data.
2012-13 Annual Report
OTN Update


Note about LHIN Reports: Videoconferencing is a virtual service and by nature has no boundaries. As a result of the rapid growth of virtual and portable services such as personal videoconferencing and OTNconnect, geographic boundaries by LHIN are somewhat blurred. We are looking at more sophisticated options to better report LHIN utilization. More to follow.

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Telemedicine activity in


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Sites and Systems by LHIN

LHIN  # Active Sites  # Active Systems
LHIN 1  Erie St. Clair 76 154
LHIN 2  South West 201 433
LHIN 3  Waterloo Wellington 64 121
LHIN 4  Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant 96 229
LHIN 5  Central West 28 45
LHIN 6  Mississauga Halton 29 69
LHIN 7  Toronto Central 90 322
LHIN 8  Central 110 162
LHIN 9  Central East 88 172
LHIN 10  South East 105 229
LHIN 11  Champlain 156 392
LHIN 12  North Simcoe Muskoka 89 164
LHIN 13  North East 264 498
LHIN 14  North West 164 290
Total 1,560 3,280

*static data, last updated March 30, 2017