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OTN has developed this "best practices" toolkit as a resource for OTN Members, health care providers, privacy officers and Telemedicine Coordinators to help them practice within a telemedicine environment while meeting the legislative requirements of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

What's New in Privacy

Privacy Impact Assessment

When OTN provides the technical and operational supports to allow for real-time two- way videoconferencing between two or more health information custodians for the purpose of disclosing personal health information, OTN is considered a health information network provider under Ontario Regulation 329/04 of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.

The Regulation requires that OTN conduct an assessment of the services provided to health information custodians with respect to how the services provided via telemedicine may affect the privacy of the individuals who are the subject of the information.

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) was conducted in July, 2006 and its findings assisted OTN in designing its privacy program. A more detailed assessment of its current privacy program was scheduled in May/June 2007. The findings from that assessment were made available to each applicable health information custodian, consistent with the requirements of the Regulation.

OTN will publish summaries of completed PIAs conducted for various programs it manages on this page. Summaries to date include:

February, 2019: TSM/Ncompass Enhancements (Release 6.0)
July 2018: Fax Over Internet Protocol (FOIP)
April 2018: Personal Videoconferencing Service (PCVC) & Refresh Summary
March, 2018: TSM/Ncompass Enhancements (Release 5.0)
November 2017: Telehomecare Project
November 2017: Telepalliative Project
August, 2017: Teleophthalmology Project
February, 2016: eConsult 2.0
February, 2015: Teleophtalmology Project
November, 2014: eConsult Refresh
November, 2014: eConsult Phase 1
September, 2014: Telemedicine Centre / Identity & Access Management (Refresh)
September, 2014: High Risk Services
September, 2014: Identity & Access Management (IAM) ONE® ID (Phase 2)
September, 2014: Telemedicine Centre / IAM
September, 2014: Call Centre Technologies
September, 2014: Telehomecare Expansion Project
August, 2014: TSM/Ncompass

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