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ONE ID and Identity Validation

Why do I need ONE ID login credentials if I already have OTN login credentials? The growing demand for OTN services and the use of OTNhub will result in increased use of Patient Health Information (PHI) across the internet, which demands a stronger assurance of our users’ identification. ONE ID does this while also providing a scalable and secure solution for both OTN and its growing user base.
How do I obtain ONE® ID credentials to access OTNhub services?

To obtain ONE® ID login credentials to access OTNhub services, healthcare providers and their delegates must go through an identity validation process.

After submission of your application, you will be contacted by a ONE® ID Local Registration Agent by email/telephone to confirm or schedule your appointment and provided with the information needed to complete your identity validation via videoconference.

Once completed, you will receive a ONE® ID username and password. OTN will then process your request for services within 1 to 2 business days and send email instructions on how to securely login to activate and access your OTNhub services.

The entire process generally takes between 3 and 5 days, depending on the requester’s availability for the ONE® ID appointment

What is required for the ONE ID face-to-face identity validation? For your ONE ID identity validation you will need two Government-issued photo IDs and you will be asked to set up the Security and Challenge questions for your profile.
What happens after I receive my ONE ID credentials? Wait to receive a Welcome Email from OTN, which will contain a link to the OTNhub login page. Depending on the volume of requests received, OTN’s goal is to send this notification within two business days of receiving your ONE ID credentials.
If I already have ONE ID credentials, can I use them to log into OTNhub? In addition to having ONE ID credentials, you must also apply for the OTNhub and Personal Videoconferencing service in order to gain access.
  • If you have a ONE ID AL-2 level account (which means you have been validated in person), you do not need to meet with ONE ID and after you have received your Welcome Email from OTN, you can access the OTNhub.
  • If you have a ONE ID AL-1 level account (which means you have credentials but never went through a face to face identity validation), ONE ID will need to meet with you in person to validate your identity. After ONE ID completes your identity validation you will receive a Welcome Email from OTN and then you can access the OTNhub.
Will there be a disruption in my current Personal Videoconferencing service? There should be no disruption in your current Personal Videoconferencing service. Once you receive your ONE ID credentials and your Welcome Email from OTN you must use your ONE ID credentials to access the OTNhub from then on. If however you should encounter any problems, immediately contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-855-654-0888.
Where do I log-in to access OTNhub? You can login to the OTNhub at
Can I use my ONE ID credentials to log in to my other OTN services such as: Telederm, Telesteth and Web Conferencing? No. Your ONE ID credentials will give you access only to services that are linked on the OTNhub. OTN is planning to enable ONE ID access to other services in the near future.
Can I have both ONE ID and OTN login credentials? Yes, if you currently have ONE ID credentials to access OTNhub and later you apply for OTN’s Telesteth or Web Conferencing. For these services you will receive OTN credentials because they are not currently under the ONE ID validation process.
If I forget my ONE ID password, how do I reset it? You can click the “Forgot Password” link on the eHealth Ontario ONE ID login page (or call the eHealth Ontario Service Desk at 1-866-250-1554 and press 1).
If I forget my OTN password, how do I reset it? You can click the “Forgot your password” link on the OTNhub login page (or call our Customer Care Centre at 1-855-654-0888).
What is ONE ID’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) for contacting applicants? How many days after first contact can they guarantee an appointment? ONE ID will contact 90% of users within 5 business days to schedule an appointment. Appointments are booked based on the customer’s availability, not ONE ID’s availability.
Does ONE ID validate non-healthcare users of OTN services? If yes, how? Yes. ONE ID conducts the same face-to-face validation and registration for both non-healthcare and healthcare users.
How will ONE ID validate rural providers where an LRA is not available? They may fly an LRA to that location or they may use the Notary Public process (a special form must be completed and signed by a Notary Public in that region).
Under what circumstances will ONE ID not-validate a user’s identity? ONE ID will not validate a user if:
  • The LRA is unable to contact the user after the agreed upon number of attempts via phone and email.
  • The user reschedules more than three times when visited by the LRA.
  • The user refuses to have their identity validated.
Under what circumstances can a user fail their identity validation? A user’s identity validation will fail if the user cannot present the required two pieces of identification or if their identification does not match in any way with the information provided by OTN.