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OTN's Publication Repository is a curated collection of article links that showcase telemedicine's use and benefit in a variety of contexts.

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Burn, Trauma, ICU icon

Burn, Trauma, ICU

Using telemedicine in the intensive care unit to treat burns and trauma.
Cancer icon


Exploring telemedicine's use in treating different forms of cancer.
Cost, Evaluation icon

Cost, Evaluation

A practical look the the technology and programs behind virtual care.
Dermatology icon


The application of photo and video in diagnosing skin conditions.
Education icon


Using technology to facilitate learning.
Eye icon


Exploring ophthalmology and other similar areas.
Gastrointestinal icon


Exploring telemedicine and to provide care for gastrointestinal issues.
Geriatrics icon


Virtual care for the elderly.
Heart icon


Reviewing telemedicine as a service in monitoring and prevention.
Mental Health and Addictions icon

Mental Health and Addictions

Telemedicine’s use in diagnosing and treating mental health issues.
mHealth, Home Monitoring, Mobile Devices icon

mHealth, Home Monitoring, Mobile Devices

Using apps, mobiles, and other devices to monitor health and deliver care.
Ortho, Joint, Physio, OT icon

Ortho, Joint, Physio, OT

Telemedicine in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.
Other icon


Miscellaneous articles in other fields of medicine.
OTN white paper icon

OTN White Papers

Telemedicine white papers published by OTN.
Paediatrics icon


Exploring telemedicine's use in the care of infants, children, and adolescents.
Pathology icon


Diagnosing disease using virtual care solutions.
Policy, Regulations icon

Policy, Regulations

Exploring regulatory and policy issues.
Renal, Diabetes icon

Renal, Diabetes

Telemedicine's potential in providing solutions for renal and diabetes.
Sleep, Respiratory icon

Sleep, Respiratory

Using telemedicine for sleep and respiratory monitoring.
SLP, ENT, Audiology, Dentistry icon

SLP, ENT, Audiology, Dentistry

Exploring telemedicine in speech, hearing, and dentistry.
Stroke icon


Telemedicine for use in emergency services.
Wound icon


Telemedicine and wound care.