Launch Preparation: OTN’s New Videoconferencing Service

As previously communicated, and in order to serve you better, we are excited to be migrating to a new videoconferencing service in late Autumn, which will offer several enhancements to the video experience for both Members and patients. These upgrades will mean:

  • No need to install custom plugins to join video calls
  • Compatibility with all major browsers for basic video calling, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Edge
  • Full videoconference functionality with Chrome and Firefox, including the ability to share your screen's content and switch your camera during a videoconferencing event
  • Support for high-definition resolution in all event types, where necessary bandwidth and hardware support are available
  • Improved infrastructure stability and availability

To prepare for this transition, and for an optimal experience, we recommend that you:

  1. Install Chrome or Firefox ahead of the upgrade. If you need time to transition to one of these browsers, basic calling functionality will continue to be supported on Safari and IE 11 (note that Adobe Flash will be required for IE 11 when we upgrade).
  2. Change your firewall/port settings to continue to be able to support video calls after the upgrade. We recommend that you advise your IT department or technical resource of these upcoming changes to facilitate any necessary internal service adjustments if you haven’t already done so.

What’s New

The new video service will result in changes to some features of your video experience. For details on browser experience, changes to OTNinvite, and updates to the OTNconnect apps please click here.

Interested in testing your readiness?

To ensure that you have successfully configured your network settings in advance, please take advantage of the following tests:

  1. Test your network settings via the Videoconferencing Readiness Test using IE 11. You will need to add the following IP address,, to your firewall rules to test your port readiness through this automated test. If you receive any errors, please contact your network administrator. 
  2. Test your video settings via joining an enhanced audio and video mirror test using Chrome, Firefox, Safari 12 or Edge. You will be asked to take a short recording of your audio and video.

Should you anticipate any challenges with this transition, or for any technical questions, please email

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