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OTN:  Supporting Ontario's system priorities

OTN helps organizations provide a system of care to keep Ontarians healthy and receive high quality care when they need it while ensuring that this delivery is provided cost-effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of OTN Membership:

  • OTN assistance and support for development of telemedicine applications and programs.
  • access to services and resources that ensure that telemedicine is easy-to-use.
  • access to hundreds of distance education opportunities.
  • administrative collaboration and meetings.
  • organizational cost savings (travel and associated costs).

OTN's Premium Services offers a range of services including comprehensive full service event planning and coordination, inter-network connectivity options and webcasting services.


Chart showing patients seen in a variety of settings 27% in hospital 14% in primary care 5% in other setting 54% in communityAlthough a majority of patients still access Telemedicine in a hospital setting, the number of patients seen in primary and community care settings are growing significantly. In fact, non-hospital Telemedicine sites are now more numerous than those in hospitals.





"The Ottawa Hospital is proud to be a leader in providing consulting services via OTN. The opportunity to link our specialists with patients throughout the region is an enormous benefit. We are only beginning to realize the benefits for both clinical and educational opportunities."

Dr. Jack Kitts, President & CEO, The Ottawa Hospital



Government of Ontario
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Government of Ontario.

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