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OTNhub Operational Release 2017

On July 20th, OTN is enhanced the usability of our core services and the visual design of the Hub’s login page to further streamline your telemedicine experience. Below is an overview of the new features:

Personal Videoconferencing

eVisits just got easier for you and your patients.

OTNhub Scheduling Enhancements, Members’ Consent Model for Communications, and Multiview Player for Webcasts

On June 29th, OTN introduced usability enhancements to some of our core services to further streamline your telemedicine experience. We also implemented a member’s consent model for communications.

Below is an overview of the changes:

OTN Requests Your Consent to Receive Email Communications

OTNhub v1.8 Released

OTNhub v1.8 has been released and includes a number of enhancements:


Directory search now includes Guided Search, letting you quickly find sites to host patients for telemedicine, connect with specialists to refer patients, or ask for advice. The results page for each of the Guided Searches includes custom filters to help you narrow the results based on your specific search criteria.

Looking to Expand Your Reach? Apply to Add an “Indigenous Indicator” to your OTNhub Profile

Today, there are 70 First Nation communities leveraging telemedicine to access to clinical, educational and administrative health services. Using room-based videoconferencing systems, patients in these communities connect with clinicians and specialists across Ontario through eVisits (real-time video visits). OTN, and its partners at KOeHealth, are now offering First Nation communities a simpler and more convenient alternative to purchasing a room-based videoconferencing system.

New feature: Manually connect and re-connect to an eVisit from your computer or room-based system

OTN automatically connects your videoconferencing system to your eVisit at its scheduled start time when the event involves three or more systems or the event organizer has requested to auto-initiate the event themselves. While this practice was implemented for your convenience, privacy and security, participants must often call OTN if they are late to a call, or the call happens to get dropped.

OTN and partners evaluate app for chronic kidney disease patients

OTN and Lawson Health Research Institute are currently evaluating the impact of a remote telemonitoring solution for patients with chronic kidney disease who are currently receiving peritoneal dialysis (PD) at home.

The randomized controlled trial is being carried out through the London Health Sciences Centre’s (LHSC) Kidney Care Centre using eQ Connect Solution, a digital tool from eQOL.

Launch of Self-Connect functionality for videoconference events

Connecting and reconnecting to your events just got easier! A SELF CONNECT feature is now available for multipoint calls in studio-based systems.

Thanks for your feedback. This feature is being implemented to give you the flexibility and control needed to reduce delays and to more easily connect and re-connect to an event. We’ve also made it possible for you to self-schedule and modify events in Ncompass or TSM up to five minutes before an event’s start time.

Here is an overview of all the ways you can self-connect to a videoconferencing call:

Join us at a special OTN co-hosted HealthAchieve seminar on virtual care in the home

OTN is pleased to co-host…

The Future of Health Care is in the Digital Home

November 7, 2016
Intercontinental Toronto, Ballroom B

New Dermatologist for Telederm

OTN welcomes Dr. Geeta Yadav to our Telederm program. Dr. Yadav is a staff dermatologist at Women's College Hospital where she treats patients and teaches residents at the University of Toronto. Her academic interests include access to health care and global health.

New! Conduct an eVisit from your Android device!

The OTNconnect App is now available on your Android device, enabling you to videoconference with patients and other telemedicine providers from the convenience of your preferred smart phone.

Simply download the app from Google Play and install it as you would any other app. You will need your OTN or ONE ID credentials to access this service. Once your app has successfully downloaded, you will see the OTN icon on your device’s home screen.